Argent App

Want a quick & easy way to request samples? Download the Argent App!

The Argent App is a mobile application for iPads and iPhones which allows YOU to create and order 3M sample tapes, adhesives, VHB, and other pressure sensitive materials (die-cuts, rolls, sheets, labels, including 3M Scotchgard and 3M Polymask, etc.). The app allows you to submit either a quick sample request or a more detailed request for custom die cuts, laminations, and printed label solutions.

Submit request’s for: ­­­­­­­

  • Samples & Prototypes
  • Die-cuts
  • Roll Stock
  • Sheeted Materials
  • Printed Labels
  • Custom Fabricated Parts

If you have questions or need help, contact us:

“I have needed product on short notice several times now for a Chrysler program, and was very impressed with the response from Argent. Thanks! — Magna