Eliminate Welding with Argent's Epoxy Washer System

July 2014

Simple Weld-Free Fastening!

Argent's Epoxy Washer System offers simple, weld-free fastening that's faster to install, and more process-capable than traditional welding operations on automotive hinge assemblies. Our thermosetting washers provide a number of process benefits; they simplify assembly, eliminate potential quality issues from welding operations, and don't require any special skills to install.

Primarily used for 'doors-off' assembly processes, Argent's Epoxy Washer System maintains door to frame alignment for trouble-free door re-attachment later in the assembly process.  Our Epoxy Washers are supplied conveniently on re-useable trays. Argent's Epoxy Washer System is currently and/or has been in production at Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Mazda and other OEMs.  U.S. Patent/s: 6,669,428 & 7,143,895.

All of our unique materials and composites can be custom converted to meet the exacting needs of your specific application. For more information on Argent's Application Solutions: Click here 

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