Argent's New Material Sample Boards are Available!

June 2014

Material Selection Simplified!

Selecting the best suited materials for your application doesn't have to be difficult. Our New & Improved Go-To Solution Boards were created to help you select your material with confidence.  With 40 years of application engineering experience, we've compiled a best of the best portfolio of self-adhesive materials for you to use and evaluate in your application.

These materials can be used for: attachment, buzz, squeak & rattle / NVH, EMI & heat shielding, fastening, gasketing, cushioning & sealing, spacers, shims, & washers, masking, surface protection, wind noise / sound dampening, and much more!  All of our unique materials and composites can be custom converted to meet the exacting needs of your specific application.

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“Argent quickly provided us with samples to be used on a prototype, which was crucial to our timeline and project overall. Thank you. — Nissan