Alternative Fastening Solutions

September 2014

Proven Effective & Economical Fastening Solutions!

High-performance, alternative fasteners are widely used in the attachment of a growing number of automotive components. Rolled goods, specialty die-cuts, and custom designed products, provide proven, effective, and economical attachment solutions for a wide variety of applications. Alternative fasteners provide a number of competitive and economical advantages over traditional mechanical fasteners.  Re-closable fasteners allow for alignment flexibility making assembly and diss-assembly easier and more efficient.  We can custom convert an alternative fastener for your application & your assembly process. 

Features & Benefits:

  • High-performance
  • Available in a variety of designs with a variety of adhesive systems
  • Easy openings & secure closings with 3MTM Dual LockTM & Hook & LoopTM Products
  • Cost effective alternative to mechanical fasteners

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